Atmel Smart ARM (SAM) Development Guide

This document aims to introduce you to the Atmel SAM series of ARM microcontrollers, including basic hardware selection and design, as well as writing firmware for the MCU using the Atmel Software Framework. This guide expects that you are familiar with writing software for embedded systems, but may not have used an ARM MCU before, or used the Atmel Software Framework.


Background on the decision to use ARM, Atmel and the Atmel Software Framework.
MCU Selection
A guide on how to select the correct Atmel SAM MCU.
Schematic Design
A guide on extra hardware requirements to consider in your schematic that includes a SAM MCU.
ASF Introduction Guide
A guide to getting started with ASF and SAM ARM MCUs.
Peripheral Examples
Detailed examples on how to use various peripherals on a SAM4S MCU using ASF.
Commonly used acronyms and terms related to ARM development.
Misc Errors
Errors you may come across when installing newer versions of Atmel Studio and how to fix them.

This guide will assume you are using a SAM4S-EK2 Evaluation Kit. If you do not have access to this evaluation kit, simply modify the examples as per the hardware you have available (e.g. different GPIO pins).

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