Source Control Standard

This section contains a set of source/version control requirements and guidelines that have been collated from various software engineering standards, industry best practice and internal development experience. As a student, intern, researcher or employee of IPL you are required to read and apply these requirements and guidelines to any projects you undertake with us.

There are 3 possible levels associated with each rule in this section:

  • L1 – This is a requirement and must be complied with. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • L2 – This is a strongly recommended guideline and shall be complied with where possible.
  • L3 – This is a general guideline and should be complied with, but it is optional.

Examples may be presented under each rule. For each example, note the text above it:


Indicating whether the example shows best practice (correct) or techniques to be avoided (incorrect).

Important Reading

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