Basic Open Source Nonlinear Mixed Integer Programming [Supplied]

BONMIN solves smooth, twice differentiable, mixed integer nonlinear programs. BONMIN uses IPOPT for solving relaxed problems and CBC as the mixed integer solver. It contains a number of algorithms which are worthwhile checking out for convex MINLPs!

CategoryOpen Source
Manager Dr. Pierre Bonami
License Eclipse Public License
Home Page BONMIN Home Page
Download Page BONMIN Tarball Directory
MEX InterfaceOPTI Version Supplied
(Modified IPOPT Version by Dr. Peter Carbonetto)
Pre-RequisitesIPOPT, CBC
Version Supplied1.8.4


P. Bonami, L. T. Biegler, A. R. Conn, G. Cornuejols, I. E. Grossmann, C. D. Laird, J. Lee, A. Lodi, F. Margot, and A. Waechter, β€œAn Algorithmic Framework for Convex Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programs,” Discrete Optimization 5(2), pp. 186–204, 2008.