Object Orientated Quadratic Programming [Supplied]

OOQP solves LPs (using an empty Hessian) and QPs using a Gondzio Predictor-Corrector method. One of the best open source QP solvers available.

CategoryOpen Source
ManagerDr. Mike Gertz and Prof. Steve Wright
LicensePublic Domain
Home Page OOQP Home Page
Download Page OOQP Request Form
MEX InterfaceOPTI Version Supplied
Pre-Requisites MKL and PARDISO*
Version Supplied0.99.22

*PARDISO is also supplied as part of the Intel MKL and this version has been used with OOQP.


E. M. Gertz and S. J. Wright, "Object Orientated Software for Quadratic Programming," ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 29, pp. 58-81, 2003