Self-Dual-Minimization [Interfaced]

SeDuMi is the defacto standard for SDP solvers, and includes functionality for solving SOCP and rotated cone problems (not yet interfaced to OPTI). For interfacing instructions see below.

CategoryOpen Source
Managers Dr. Imre Polik and Prof. Johan Löfberg
License GNU General Public License v3
Home Page SeDuMi Home Page
Download Page SeDuMi Download Page
MEX InterfaceSupplied with SeDuMi
Version Interfaced1.32

Interfacing SeDuMi

OPTI is only interfaced to the latest release of SeDuMi (v1.31 or higher), now available on github here. Simply click 'zip' and download the solver, as below:

Once downloaded, unzip it on your computer to a suitable permanent location, and add the path to MATLAB using the following commands (make sure MATLAB's current directory is the sedumi folder):

>> genpath(cd);
>> savepath;


J.F. Sturm, "Using SeDuMi 1.02, a MATLAB toolbox for Optimization over Symmetric Cones," Optimization Methods and Software 11(12), pp. 625-653, 1999